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Who are we?

We are Bonne Affaire Munich – a name, a trust, an exclusivity and a heart of Munich. Bonne Affaire is an online skincare platform founded by Madina. Madina is a cosmetologist and she regularly studies the market for effective products and selects the best ones! She can really help treat acne, pigmentation, rosacea, pick out anti-aging care etc.


The comeceutical market has stepped very far in recent years and there are a lot of decent products from various advanced brands with good formulas and we know which ones are needed for a particular person with a specific problem and skin type!

Shine serum


 It’s almost impossible to get an offline appointment with Madina, but you can still get an online consultation, from anywhere in the world!


How can you do it?

It is very easy: send Direct Message to Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madina_munich_cosmetics/?hl=e

  • Send a picture of the problem areas of the skin under good lighting
  • Describe your skincare and issues you are having



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What do our clients say about us?


I will definitely continue to use the products. Find them totally super and productive👍🏼

It’s been another month on our routine, no new rashes, thank you, Madina, and your Bonne Affaire team! Now
I would like to work on the redness after acne, I will message you for a new care plan 🙏

I am so happy for my skin, thank you for the treatment plan, even if it is of course not yet the end☺️ but thanks for your help! I never thought it would work so well🤗


Hi Madina, I wanted to give you a quick update☺️ I have done 1x microneedling so far, after that I had a little more blemishes for 1 week but they healed up without any problems. Overall my skin is doing very well, I mean the spots have become lighter and overall everything is softer. Attached are two more photos


Just picked my products up. Thank you for the many samples 🌸

I am also about to run out of my current cleanser. I use the gentle cleanser from Skinceuticals. Do you have a different recommendation that I should also order from you?


Madina, hi!
I’ll be reordering some of products. And I also recommended you to a friend of mine.

Hello Madina
Firstly I wanted to thank you for your tips . I’ve been using your products for a while and my skin has gotten so good .

I also wanted to ask what to do about dry eyes . I have a permanent feeling of tension under the eyes.
This is really unpleasant. Can you recommend me something?

Kind regards 🥰


Madina hi! I have been wanting to give you a review for a long time about the products you picked out for me , I just loved it , my skin seems never been in such good condition 😍😍😍 Thank you again and all your team

I’ve never seen anything like this, I truly admire what and how you do))) a very useful project that really helps all those who have a skin problem


Thank you Madina for such a detailed advice and quick response and fast delivery! Thank you especially for the gifts. I am your customer now 🙏 This is the most detailed consultation I have ever received.

I wish I had met you sooner so I didn’t have to make unnecessary purchases and expenses but I think I will be fine now.


Thank you so much for the recommendations 🤗 I am going to place my order today. I am very happy with the Bella Aura products so far. They make my skin feel very smooth.


Madina, can you recommend another soft scrub and exfoliating acid?