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Before & After

Lavinia, 28

ISSUE: Strong periodic breakouts. Pharmacy skincare and cleansing were not working, as they dried out the skin microbiome. Her skincare had no active ingredients against breakouts, she only used cleansing and moisturizing.
PROCESS: We introduced a two-step cleansing, retinol, and a serum with zinc. After 3-4 weeks, the breakouts subsided, the skin was not dry anymore, and sebum normalized. The client stopped getting in touch with Madina. However, after 3 months she returned with new breakouts. It turned out that she continued to use retinol and acids, which dried out the upper skin barrier again. The treatment was completely revised, retinol application frequency reduced, restoring ingredients introduced.
RESULT: The skin improved, client was happy, and later got married ))

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Nina, 29

ISSUE: Acne problems for many years, nothing helped despite many visits to dermatologists. Basic mass-market skincare routine, microbiome imbalance, clogged pores, pigmentation. Skin was in very poor condition.
PROCESS: Double cleansing with salicylic acid and balm in the evening, retinol, acids, non-pore-clogging moisturizer, SPF. After 3 months, there was a strong purging phase, the client almost gave up, but we kept ongoing support staying in constant contact. After 6 more weeks, there was slight improvement.
RESULT: After 6 months the skin got close to perfect. Happy client is still our regular.

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Ruchi, 31

ISSUE: Pigmentation, skin in a neglected state. Closed comedones, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, dullness, pigmentation. A few breakouts but not too many.
PROCESS: Two-step cleansing, salicylic acid, SPF, products with azelaic and dioic acid, a spray with ceramides for hydration, and locally applied retinol for comedones. After 1.5 months, the skin tone became much more even, pigmentation lightened noticeably, and there was a glow effect. However, comedones remained. We revised the skincare routine, introduced additional products, increased the frequency of retinol and acids, then, 3 months later, decreased it. The skin got dried by active components and there was some inflammation of comedones, so we again adjusted the routine.
RESULT: Now there is a glow effect, even skin tone, and noticeable lightening of pigmentation. She is happy and satisfied and stays in constant contact with us.

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Olga, 46

ISSUE: Age-related rosacea.
PROCESS: Very gentle cleansing with amino acids, SPF. After 4 weeks, the skin became softer, redness decreased, and we introduced a booster and products with azelaic and dioic acid twice a week.
RESULT: After 6 weeks the skin improved, redness decreased (intermediate result).

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Amina, 33

ISSUE: Enlarged pores. Had her own skincare routine with all the correct steps but it was not suitable for her skin: SPF was clogging her pores and her skin looked neglected.
PROCESS: Skincare set with acids, niacinamide, enzyme cleansing, regular cleansing, and light hydration.
RESULT: After 4 weeks, the pores became smaller, the skin looked healthier, the skin tone became more even, and the texture improved. Even her mother noticed that her skin looked better and her best friend was astonished at how good her skin looked. Now both her mother and best friend are our clients as well.

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Merliy, 31

ISSUE: Acne for 5 years, nothing helped – nor skincare, nor proper nutrition, nor vitamins. Didn't believe anyone and was tired of spending money on products. Reached out in February and decided to give us a chance.

PROCESS: Selected a two-step cleansing, retinol, restoration, SPF - only 4 basic products were used, although additional ones were needed, but the client was reluctant to spend more money. After 4 weeks, the skin became softer but no changes were noticed. On the 5th week, the skin started to become inflamed, but she had experienced this before and understood that it was part of the purging process. So she continued without panicking. The skin became even more inflamed but by the 9th week, there was improvement (more pronounced on the right cheek). Additional products were introduced and after two more weeks (in April) there was further improvement.

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RESULT: In June (after 5 months) she admitted remarkable skin improvement, she didn't expect that home care could restore her skin after 5 years of efforts in vain. There was still post-acne scarring and we advised her to undergo laser treatment (not during summer) and salon peels. Now she uses a mask for pigmentation lightening and her skin is in very good condition.

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Bermet, 29

ISSUE: Clogged pores, blackheads, breakouts, dry and oily skin. Expensive skincare routine with many products, scrubs, and aggressive treatments.
PROCESS: We introduced cleansing, acids, restoration, two types of masks, and prescribed a proper skincare routine. We also kept one suitable mask from her existing routine. After 4 weeks, the skin was dry in some areas and oily in others, so the plan was adjusted. By the 5th week, the skin improved with fewer breakouts.
RESULT: After 6 weeks, the skin was significantly better with a more even tone, tightened pores, fewer breakouts, and no excess oil or dryness.

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Olesya, 31

ISSUE: Suffered from acne for many years, tried expensive treatments without success.
PROCESS: Prescribed a skincare routine with Vitamin C, 2-phase cleansing, repair with microsilver, retinol.
RESULT: After 2 months, the skin significantly improved. After 6 months, akne traces are hardly visible.

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Sevara, 24

ISSUE: Very poor skin condition. Acne, disrupted microbiome, post-acne marks, uneven texture, acne scars.
PROCESS: A properly tailored at-home skincare routine (double cleansing, microbiome-restoring serums, products with acids, retinol, etc.) helped address the main issues. However, professional peels and regular visits for aesthetic procedures were required to treat acne scars.
RESULT: After 6 months, the skin texture has become smoother, acne is almost non-existent, skin tone has improved, scars have diminished, and post-acne pigmentation has lightened.

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