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Individual Online Consultation

We understand that sometimes you may require a more in-depth professional discussion to address personal or specific concerns. In such cases, you can opt to have an online consultation with our expert cosmetologist, providing you with easy access to professional advice from anywhere in the world and saving you time on office visits.

During the online consultation, we will:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your skin's condition, determining its type and signs of aging, and identifying the underlying causes of any existing problems,
  • Review the products you currently use and integrate the ones that effectively meet your needs into your personalized plan,
  • Provide recommendations on skin health and suggest cosmetology procedures suitable for you.

Most importantly, as a result you will receive a customized home skin care routine tailored to your specific needs and your personalized skincare set which you can easily purchase in one click.

Upon the skincare set purchase, we provide a step-by-step plan for applying the products, which is updated every 10-12 days or as needed based on your skin response. We also offer free-of-charge ongoing support and assistance throughout the entire treatment period, addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

The online consultation typically takes 50-55 minutes and is conducted via WhatsApp or Instagram Direct. The price for this service is €29.

Before online consultation, please take 3-4 photos of the most problematic areas of your skin. The photos should be of good quality, preferably daylight. The better the quality of the photos, the more accurately we can evaluate your concerns. Additionally, please ensure a stable internet connection for the consultation.

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Please note that our online consultation does not cover discussions of any skin diseases such as psoriasis or severe acne. If you have any skin diseases, we recommend seeing a dermatologist in person for diagnosis and treatment.

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