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Every treatment begins with a diagnosis: I examine the skin and decide on a treatment depending on age, skin type, skin problems, season, etc. Sometimes I combine several treatments to achieve the best possible results. Before the treatment I prepare the skin with premium MBR products. After the treatment I also use MBR brand products, which I select depending on the treatment and the needs of the client's skin.

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from €220 - to €250

Intraceuticals is a treatment that absolutely everyone loves: it instantly transforms your skin, you look fresh and rested, there are no signs of fatigue. This treatment is suitable for absolutely everyone. Intraceuticals has several programmes: Rejuvenate, Opulence, Clarity, Clarity Sensitive, Atoxelene. 

These include anti-aging, work with pigmentation and problematic skin, programme for sensitive skin, rosacea skin, etc. Intraceuticals are chosen by international celebrities before important events. 

I have been doing it regularly myself and it has been part of my anti-ageing routine for many years now and there is no equivalent in my opinion. 

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HydraFacial MD

from €200 — to €250

Hydrafacial is a painless vacuum hydropeel that deeply cleanses the skin and removes keratinized skin. During the treatment, the skin is cleansed. With the help of a vacuum, pores are opened and purified. A rejuvenating complex smoothes out wrinkles, even deep creases. A nourishing serum saturates the skin with hyaluronic acid, making it more elastic and tauter. A treatment which is also favoured by many celebrities. 

-Exfoliation – superficial cleansing and opening of pores (facial cleansing).

-Acid peeling if necessary.

 -Extraction – deep cleansing and sebo-regulation.

-Antioxidant therapy and moisturising.

-Light therapy with blue or red light.

This treatment also has a multitude of programmes: cleansing, pigmentation lightening, anti-ageing, reduction of pimples on problem skin, tightening of pores, even out complexion, etc.

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Endospheres Therapy

from €180 - to 280 €

Face 189 €

Body 179€

Package (face + body) if the number of sessions is 12 – 280€

Endospheres Therapy is a health and beauty treatment designed to reduce weight, treat cellulite and related problems (skin weakness, venous congestion, swelling, etc.) and facilitate rapid muscle recovery even after you have given them quite a lot of exercise. 

The treatment is safe, the skin is not traumatised and the massage does not cause any discomfort.

-Allows you to remove fat deposits, reduce volume

-Corrects contours of the neck and décolleté area

-Fights loose, weakened skin

-Provides effective skin tightening

-Helps prevent lymphatic congestion and reduces puffiness

-Relieves excessive tone, spasmodic conditions

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Chemical peels

from €200

-Chemical peel from € 200

-TCA peel from € 200

-Fruit acid peel from € 180

-Mandelic peel from € 180

-PRX-T 33 from € 160

Chemical peel is a procedure for removing the top layer of dead skin, after which the body starts the regeneration process and the dead cells of our epidermis give way to new ones.

The skin becomes soft, the complexion is evened out, acne and black spots disappear and wrinkles are smoothed out. Peels can lighten acne marks and scars and even out skin texture. Creams, serums and various cosmetic treatments have a double effect: young cells respond better to the active ingredients

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from €180

Mesotherapy involves  injections of specially prepared cocktails including hyaluronic acid, vitamins, microelements, amino acids, oligoelements, lipolytics and peptides.

During the procedure, the skin receives micro-traumas which activate the production of its own collagen and elastin.

Mesotherapy helps to eliminate dry skin, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, acne, post-acne, stretch marks, scars and dehydrated skin.

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Meso- needling

from €200

Meso- needling a cosmetic procedure. It involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilized needles.

The needles create micro channels, breaking down the skin’s natural protective barrier, thus increasing the effectiveness of professional cosmetics, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The body starts producing fibrillar cells to repair the damage as quickly as possible. As a result, the skin of the face and neck becomes firmer and more youthful-looking.

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Light Therapy

(20 min) from €30

The LED light therapy device includes several modes with different colours. I select a different option for each task and skin type. 

This technology works thanks to the skin’s ability to absorb energy. Each light affects the skin cells in a different way, triggering various reactions in the skin. 

Light therapy helps to speed up metabolism and blood circulation, fights bacteria, soothes the skin, reduces inflammation and redness, boosts immunity, promotes regeneration, etc.

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Bukal massage

from €220

The peculiarity of a facial massage is that the masseur works the muscles and skin of the face through the oral cavity, making quite intense movements. 

It helps to tighten and strengthen the facial muscles, allowing the oval to become more defined, and to remove loose skin, helps to remove nasolabial folds, and lip wrinkles to smooth out and make them invisible, helps to relieve muscle cramps and restore facial tone, helps to restore the natural complexion, making the skin smoother and more elastic.

I recommend combining the EndoSphere treatment with a bucal massage

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Luxury facial treatment

from €220

A treatment that transforms your skin and relaxes you at the same time 

I start with an exfoliation which optimally prepares the skin for the treatment

This is followed by a massage and mask, followed by the application of MBR premium products 

This treatment prepares the skin for an important event or if you need to tidy up the skin quickly 

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